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"Leverage this strategy toolkit to turn economic challenges and tax pressures into opportunities for your business!"

Here are the tools the most successful business owners use to make sure they aren't gambling with their business - so they can protect their profit margins and assets, regardless if they're a startup, scaling, or a going concern.

FREE! Discover How To Save Even More Money and Time in these critical areas:

  • Reducing your taxes

  • Protecting your Assets

  • Knowing what you REALLY need

  • Truly Understanding the risks you face

You'll Discover:

How to Know What Your Customer Wants to buy:

Reduce the "Market didn't like it" nightmare, so you don't bring a dud to market..

How to minimize many of your taxes

Your business is your best tax management strategy. Here's how to get the most benefit from it...

How to protect your assets

Your business is your best asset protection plan. Here's how to (actually)protect those assets...

19 Symptoms to Look For in your Business..

..that indicate your business legal entity isn't doing as much as you thought it would to protect you

23 Reasons to NOT USE an S-CORP

Your business is the best tax management strategy. S-corps are better than Sole Proprietorships - but there are even better options, with a number of reasons to NOT use the S-Corp

The "Gold Standard" in Business Structuring:

Why you SHOULD consider using multiple entities

Exiting your business in the next 5 years? Here's a GuideBook to walk you through ALL the steps to do that successfully!

Your own personal business consultation, complete with your own cashflow organizational map

Here's how your business might look and operate with this strategy

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Don't Take Our Word For It - Here's What Other Clients Say:

Attorneys Approved

I have used Pratt & LeFevre for many years. I have always received great service that was very prompt! When I first began using their services, I asked several attorneys if everything was being done correctly and I was assured by my attorneys that everything was proper. It is very comforting to know that my business is protected and I am getting the most tax benefits I can! You will not go wrong with Pratt & LeFevre!

~ Ron Coleman, Bountiful, Utah

Attorney Approved

I started working with Pratt and LeFevre over five years ago. Having studied business structures and reading books from Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire Maker, it makes sense to incorporate in order to protect ourselves in these crazy litigious times. As an attorney, I see too many people who treat their businesses more like hobbies and then they lose everything they worked for when something goes wrong. You need to set up your business correctly, you need to manage it correctly, and you need to keep your assets separate so they won't be lost in a lawsuit.

~ Sarah Larsen, Salt Lake City, Utah

Wealth of Information

During my time engaging with the team and system at Pratt and LeFevre Corporation, I have learned a wealth of valuable and applicable information, have seen significant tax savings, and have been empowered toward success in each of my ventures.

The team dynamic is unique, since each member of their massive Advisory Board owns their own company, and have simply been inspired to come together in collaboration behind this idea that small businesses deserve strategy too, and at a price they can actually afford.

~ Tiffany Stuart, Pokatello, Idaho

Saved on 2019 Taxes

My husband and I already had our taxes for 2019 in a draft form. When we decided to use Pratt and LeFevre Corporation, they were able to save us almost $4,000 on taxes. We would definitely recommend them. Thank you Pratt and LeFevre!!

~ Debbie Faw, Baker City, Oregon

Assets Protected

I highly recommend this company, Pratt & LeFevre. Having a brand new business has been overwhelming and they have gone above and beyond to answer all my questions and help educate me. My business is starting off right and I know with their assistance I will be successful and all my assets protected. Don't put it off, call them today to get started.

~ Christine Bates, Utah

One Stop Shop

Pratt and LeFevre has been amazing to work with! The whole team is very knowledgeable about each subject. I am so excited about what the future holds for my business and knowing I have someone backing me up the whole way through. I love that it is a one stop shop for all of my business needs. Thank you Pratt and LeFevre!

~ Linzy Kunz, California

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